Bonne Femme by AR Simmons


Genre: Psychological Thriller/ Action and Adventure

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Pages: 458

Veteran Author: Yes, Army


Kindle: YES Nook: YES Smashwords: YES Paperback: NO Audiobook: NO

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“In this thriller, obsession and fear lead to a seemingly insane act before a campaign of physical intimidation and psychological terror throws an intelligent but vulnerable woman into a nightmare world which may or may not be exactly as it appears. The triple climax will send shivers up your spine.”


“AR Simmons was born on Chicago’s north side, but grew up and lives in the eastern Missouri Ozarks. He attended a one-room school through the eighth grade, and walked a mile to get there. His family worked a subsistence farm on Ozark land cleared from the native forest by his grandfather.

He was a carpenter’s helper and factory worker until he entered the US Army at nineteen. A tour of duty took him to the Far East where he saw a world far different from his own. His military experience acquainted him with his country. The racial, ethnic, and cultural makeup of his squad changed forever his concept of “American.”

The GI Bill financed his entire college career. After declaring and rejecting majors in Business (lacked interest) and Art (fairly talented, but color blind), he settled on History, in which he obtained BA and MA degrees. Passing up a doctoral program (he was 27, married, and had no job), he took a public school teaching position “until something better came along.” He discovered, to his amazement, that the calling suited him.”

My Two Cents:

A dark, nutty adventure.

While this story is much longer than it needs to be, the author makes up for that with some of the craziest, yet realistic characters I’ve read in a while. The reader isn’t led to feel a particular way about anyone, just given a wealth of detail (maybe too much) and left to form their own conclusions. You really get wrapped up in their plotting and borderline insanity. Exotic locales, strong females, not-so-evil villains and irrational heroes; a lot of fun to read.


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