Tormented Slumber by Paul Deaver


Genre: Psychological Thriller/ Literary Fiction

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Pages: 14

Veteran Author: Yes (Currently Active Duty)


Kindle: YES   Kindle Unlimited

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War doesn’t always end after the last shot is fired. Returning home begins a whole new battle.

A veteran discovers that demons followed him home from the battlefield and threaten to destroy his life. The soldier regains hope when he finds unexpected allies to confront his worst nightmares.


“The author is active duty Army.”

My Two Cents:

I usually don’t bother reviewing shorts, but then again, few short stories ever roped me in like this one. This is surprisingly upbeat for a tale about wrestling with PTSD, and yes, has a happy ending. Well polished story too. If you’re a vet or want to understand them in 15 minutes, this is definitely worth the read.

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One response to “Tormented Slumber by Paul Deaver

  1. Pat Fikes

    Loved it! 5 stars

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