MURDERED (Click Your Poison) by James Schannep

MURDERED (Click Your Poison) by James Schannep


Genre: Mystery Thriller

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Estimated word count: N/A (Choose your adventure story)

Veteran Author: Yes, Air Force


Kindle: YES Nook: No Smashwords: NO Paperback: YES

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“James Schannep (1984-) is an American novelist and screenwriter with a dozen competition wins and placements. His first screenplay was optioned in 2011 and the Click Your Poison series was launched September, 2012 with the flagship book INFECTED.

A United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) graduate with a degree in English, Schannep left the service honorably to write full time. He resides with his wife along California’s central coast.”


“3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Could YOU Solve a Murder?

MURDERED is a mystery novel unlike any other — YOU are the main character. Follow clues, interrogate suspects, and piece together the puzzle before the killer gets away! It’s up to you to solve the case in this action-packed, dark and humorous thriller. Each link represents a choice, and the story evolves based on your decisions.

You’re in a dark alley, a lost tourist in Brazil, when you stumble across a woman’s body and a revolver atop a grisly note which reads, “PICK ME UP.” That’s when you realize you’re not alone….

What starts as an exotic vacation ends up as the opportunity of a lifetime when you inadvertently witness a man fleeing the scene of a murder. Work side-by-side with US Diplomatic Security agents (DSS) and Brazilian Police Officers inside the lawless slums of Rio de Janeiro — but choose wisely, no one is who they truly seem to be.


My Two Cents:

I took this expecting a quick read for old-time nostalgia sakes, but got more than I expected. The base story is witty, gritty and sometimes downright funny. This would be entertaining enough as a traditional tale. The gambook effect is mere icing on the cake.

Even though I died only 13% through the story on my first read, (I became an even worse murderer, woops!) I had a blast. That’s what many books promise but this one actually delivers: an adventure. After five endings, five stand alone rides, I’ve only exhausted 10% of the fun.

The only weakness might be how many decision points the reader has available. With over 50, keeping all the puzzle pieces in place gets confusing. Still, that’s a matter of taste and doesn’t significantly detract from the great experience.

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