Power Games Free for the First Time (Military/Political Thriller)

I usually avoid self-promotion on this blog, but I’ll break that rule just once. For the first time ever, Power Games is available for free on Amazon! For a limited time, Friday till Sunday (21 March to 23 March). Enjoy this realistic and sarcastic tale of a 2nd US Civil War, written by an Iraq vet. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this free opportunity! Regular price $6.59!





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7 responses to “Power Games Free for the First Time (Military/Political Thriller)

  1. Darlene Hintz

    Really enjoyed the book. Even though it is fiction I found it totally believable. Would NOT be at all surprised if the scenario presented would actually happen.

  2. R. R. Blair

    I loved this fantasy of the 2nd civil war. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story. This tale has no more chance of actually happening than the USA has of going to war in Iraq based on a made-up story of WMD’s. ..

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  5. John Miller

    Really enjoyed this book. As a vet with 23 yrs in SF this reads like something out of today’s headlines. I keep my powder dry!

  6. aR.C. Evans

    Really enjoyed Power Games. This could happen…

  7. stan

    Loved it! Ready for shock and awe.

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