Reviews by Ranks


5 Stars:

Outstanding story, obviously. Worth buying at full price and you’ll likely either reread it at some point or take plenty of highlighted notes. Not a book easily forgotten.

– Euphoria Z by Luke Ahearn

– The Four Kings by Scott Spotson

– Misaligned by Rodney Carlson 

– RISE: The Veteran’s Field Manual For Starting Your Own Business & Conquering The Online Economy by Wes O’Donnell

– This Page Intentionally Left Blank FM 101: Knuckleheads

– Falling Up by Brian Bromberg

– Into Darkness by Richard Fox

– NEFARIOUS: The Blackwell Files by Steven F. Freeman

– Tortured Slumber by Paul Deaver

4 Stars:

Entertaining and/or thought provoking. Should put it on your to-read list, the price is worth the value received.

– Anatomy of a Rock Star by Charles Steed

– Murdered: Click Your Poison by James Schannep

– The Games by Izai Amorim

– Starlight by Scott Ely

– Code Name Atlas by Tony Evans

– GREY WOLF by Austen Brennan

– PEACE WARRIOR by Steven L. Hawk



3 Stars:

Not bad, but not remarkable. Worth the time to read, but there are some better books available for the price point. Borrow from a library or buy if you find it on sale.

– 3 YEARS AFTER… by G. R. Mountjoy

1-2 Stars: 

Won’t be found here. A book with such fundamental flaws means I either couldn’t finish it or have some bias against, in either case it’s not fair to post a review.


Short stories/novels are ranked simply on how they compare to their competition, I.E. other novellas in their genre.

5 Stars:

War Zone by Marian D. Schwartz

Mythical (Stone Soldiers Series 1) by C.E. Martin

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