Reviews by Author

Ahearn, Luke – Euphoria Z

Amorim, Izai – The Games

Brennan, Austen- Grey Wolf

Bromberg, Brian – Falling Up

Carlson, Rodney- Misaligned

Deaver, Paul – Tormented Slumber

Ely, Scott- Starlight

Evans, Tony- Code Name Atlas

Fox, Richard- Into Darkness

Freeman, Steven F.- Nefarious: The Blackwell Files

Hawk, Steven L.- Peace Warrior

Jones, Raymond- This Page Intentionally Left Blank (Knuckleheads)

Kellner, Hank- Terror at Mirror Lake

Martin, C.E.- Mythical (Stone Soldiers Series 1)

Mccoy, Cory- The War Journals: Resistance

Mountjoy, G. R.- 3 Years After

O’Donnell, Wes – RISE: The Veteran’s Field Manual For Starting Your Own Business & Conquering The Online Economy

Schwartz, Marian D.- War Zone

Spotson, Scott- The Four Kings

Steed, Charles- Anatomy of a Rock Star



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