Reviews by Genre

Some fit into multiple genres. For ease of access, I’ve grouped them by most prevalent theme.

Science Fiction:

Euphoria Z by Luke Ahearn

3 YEARS AFTER… by G. R. Mountjoy

PEACE WARRIOR by Steven L. Hawk

The Four Kings by Scott Spotson

Code Name Atlas by Tony Evans

Misaligned by Rodney Carlson 

Military or Political Thriller:

Into Darkness by Richard Fox


Grey Wolf (Grey Wolf Series Book 1) by Austen Brennan

Starlight by Scott Ely

The Games by Izai Amorim

Mystery/Psychological Thriller:

NEFARIOUS: The Blackwell Files by Steven F. Freeman

Terror at Mirror Lake by Hank Kellner

Murdered: Click Your Poison by James Schannep

Tormented Slumber: by Paul Deaver

Historical Fiction:

War Zone by Marian D. Schwartz

Paranormal Thriller:

Mythical (Stone Soldiers Series) by C.E. Martin

Literary/Comedy Fiction:

Falling Up by Brian Bromberg

Anatomy of a Rock Star by Charles Steed

This Page Intentionally Left Blank FM 101: Knuckleheads by Raymond Jones


RISE: The Veteran’s Field Manual For Starting Your Own Business & Conquering The Online Economy by Wes O’Donnell

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