Level Zero Heroes by Michael Golembesky


Pledged Charity:  MARSOC Foundation *Royalties permanently pledged.*

Service: US Marine Corps 8 years, Afghanistan Vet (5x tours)

In Level Zero Heroes, Michael Golembesky follows the members of U.S. Marine Special Operations Team 8222 on their assignment to the remote and isolated Taliban stronghold known as Bala Murghab as they conduct special operations in an effort to break the Taliban’s grip on the Valley… Read More


Combat and Other Shenanigans by Piers Platt

Amazon   Audio Version   Barnes & Noble   ITunes   GooglePlay   Kobo

Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to Wounded Warrior Project

Service: US Army, 2002-2006, Iraq Vet (04-05)

War is hell…but sometimes it’s also funny as hell.Read More



Rise: The Veteran’s Field Manual For Starting Your Own Business & Conquering The Online Economy by Wes O’Donnell

Amazon  *Kindle Unlimited- ~$1.30 donated per borrow, no cost to you*

Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Service: US Army Infantry, Civil Affairs & Air Force Tech, 5+ years

RISE is the veteran’s eCommerce business guide with step by step instructions for starting your own business and guiding it to profitability….Read More



Battling the Storm Within by Stephanie J. Shannon

Amazon   Audio  *Kindle Unlimited- ~$1.30 donated per borrow, no cost to you*

Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to New Beginnings Veteran Outreach Center

Service: US Army 8 years, Operation Desert Storm Vet

Living for 20 years with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by military sexual trauma (MST) and Gulf War Illness (GWI) has not made life an easy path for Sergeant Stephanie J. Shannon. In this, first book, Battling the Storm Within, Stephanie shares how her time of military service, and the resulting trauma she experienced, continues to affect her daily life, even 20 plus years later–a common story among military veterans…Read More


Angel of Death and Angel of Light: A Changed Life After Vietnam by Gary Tate

Amazon   *Kindle Unlimited- ~$1.30 donated per borrow, no cost to you*

Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to Veterans Outreach (Marksman Ministry)

Service: Us Army, Vietnam, 1st Calvary, Purple heart

Description: I had walked through the virtual “valley of death” in Vietnam and it was the place where I met an Angel. This was a starting point. Where the trauma and stress and the various difficulties along with the decisions I made led me to. And I was facing my final destination pointRead More


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