Science Fiction

MISSION VERITAS (Black Saber Novels Book 1) by John Murphy


Pledged Charity: $100 flat-rate to Wounded Warrior Project

Service: USMC 1982-1988

The Carthenogens, “saviors” from another planet, assumed total control of Earth by preaching peace. Eighteen-year-old Vaughn Killian, son of the US ambassador to Thailand, knows otherwise; they killed his parents, forcing him to survive as a rebel for two hellish years in a purge of Bangkok…Read More


Ages Past by Casper Parks


Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to Fisher House Foundation

Service: US Navy, 1976 – 1978

Imagine a time when all human races had never warred between themselves. The only pursuits in life spiritual wisdom, creativity, a quest for knowledge …Read More

Under A Different Sun by John F. Holmes

Amazon   *Kindle Unlimited- ~$1.30 donated per borrow, no cost to you*

Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to Wounded Warrior Project

Service: US Army 22 years, Iraq Vet (2005)

Description: History always repeats itself, and war never leaves. In the far future, the men and women of the Privateer “Karen’s Revenge” hunt for merchant ships among the solar systems of warring empires…Read More


This Corner of the Universe (Book 1 ) by Britt Ringel

Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Pledged Charity: 100% royalties to Leave No Veteran Behind

Service: U.S. Air Force, 1995 – 2001

*Author is pledging all their books to charity.*

The mission of BRS Anelace was supposed to be simple and uneventful…

When Anelace is sent to investigate the accidents plaguing mining operations in a remote star system, Captain Garrett Heskan and his officers soon suspect more than random mishaps are in play…Read More

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