Author Submission Form

If you would like one of your books featured, here are the simple rules:

1) You must be a US or allied military veteran or active duty to join, but don’t have to be a combat veteran. Every veteran author is guaranteed a promotion slot.

2) Pledge either a flat rate donation of at least $100 or 100% of your net proceeds for one book to a veterans-themed charity of your choice for the Memorial Day week of 22 – 29 May 2015.

We can only feature one book at a time, but if you want to pledge additional books, we will add a tag line to your listing. This will be linked to your author page and mentions that you’re pledging multiple books.

Proceeds are considered the net payment to the author for print/ebook/audio sales and Amazon KU/KOLL borrows recorded in that week-long time frame. Anything you earn from affiliate links is up to your own discretion whether to include or not. The event is for one week, but feel free to pledge as long as you like! Start and end times are on Amazon’s Pacific Time Zone (California).

3) You will be required to furnish either the donation receipt to your charity or a screenshot of the payment confirmation for verification purposes within 90 days of the end of the event (3 August 2015). The event organizers do NOT collect, process or touch money in any form. We’re merely a bulletin board. Each author is responsible for making their own donations directly to the charity they choose to support.

4) If you want to pledge all your books, which is completely optional, we have an extra list to promote you. Just fill out the following form for the primary featured book and note your expanded pledge in the comments. My hat’s off to you if you pledge so much! 

If you have any issues, suggestions, questions or want to include unique cover art/banners please contact the event organizer: authorrapeters[at]

Tip: This event is advertised to a wide audience covering every taste. It’s not confined to just the veteran community. That’s why we recommend pledging your best selling work, rather than choosing something “veteran themed.” Whichever book has the most broad appeal, especially the best cover art, will draw the most attention and funnel more traffic to you.

If you have multiple books, we strongly urge you to pledge the one that’s the least “niche,” in order to maximize charity revenue and your author brand visibility. Books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited will receive extra publicity, since that’s an easy way for folks to donate.

Check out the Kboards Writer’s Cafe thread for complete event details and latest promotion news.

2 responses to “Author Submission Form

  1. I would like to pledge for one more book if possible.

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