Review Submission Guidelines

Note: This page is for book review requests only

Edit 13 November 2015: Due to a flood of requests, I’m afraid I’m only able to accommodate US and allied veterans at the moment. First priority going to OIF/OEF veterans. Nothing personal, but I need to stick to my core mission. For vets: please be ready to send a DD214 (I’ve had a few Stolen Valor fakers) if I ask. You can blank out the SSN and address, of course.

I put this blog together to assist other ex-military writers with breaking into the market. There’s such a shortage of sites willing to review our work and the type of stories that interest us. I welcome all book submissions and respect every author putting in the work to get their story out there. I’m not an agent, publisher or damn “professional” critic. I’m a regular Joe and fellow author who really understands what you’re going through.


Naturally, I give first priority to any stories written by my fellow veterans (US or allied). From such authors I’ll review any genre or type of tale of any length… time permitting.

For everyone else, I’ll read most types of novels, especially if self-published. Im sorry, but expect a long wait if you aren’t a veteran.


My tastes:

– Fiction is my focus, but non-fiction fits fine if the subject is relevant to military/veteran affairs or holds my interest. I’ll take any fiction written by a military veteran, including romance and erotica. I’m quite open-minded.

– Thrillers (especially military, political, techno), Sci-Fi (all types) and alternative history get preferred treatment. That’s not just for my own pleasure, but those are the genres this site’s followers are most interested in.

– I will not touch any extremist literature that encourages illegal activity or violence/intolerance towards any social group. In other words: Being controversial and provocative is fine, but if you have an ax to grind against some other race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology, etc…, keep moving. My audience and I are not interested.


What I ask:

– A free review copy. I prefer either a Smashwords coupon code or an emailed Kindle copy. Please do NOT send any type of gifts, payments, “offers” or other compensation under any circumstance. I won’t open any type of attachment other than .mobi. Please don’t send me a link to some 3rd party website to download from. Especially somewhere I must create an account/provide personal information.

– Please send the short form below and include a little bit about your book and yourself. Nothing too elaborate, relax! I’ve been on the other end of these requests too often. Just be yourself and skip the hype. 


What you’ll get:

– An honest, in-depth review on this blog, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and any other site upon request. Look through my previous reviews for examples. I focus on tone, pacing and originality. In short, the overall excitement and thought-provoking value of your story.

– Feel free to float any self-promotion ideas you have. If I took the time to read your work and write a review, then we’re partners. I want my review to make a difference and be seen by as many people as possible. Don’t be shy about asking for “irregular” favors.

– I rarely post negative reviews, since that means I didn’t finish the book. I won’t finish something I’m not enjoying. In the unlikely event I completed a work but still couldn’t find much positive to say about it, well, that review would only be posted on this blog. Not everywhere else.


General Notes:

– As much as I’d like to, I’m unable to answer all requests. First priority goes to vet writers of any subject and second to civilians writing about military or relevant political themes (yes, even Space Marines fall in there!). Everyone else, I’m afraid, falls under the “get in where you fit in category.” Of course, if Stephen King’s agent needs a review, maybe I can expedite him!

– Every now and again a review can slip through the cracks. I’m pretty organized, but mistakes happen. If I accepted your book and you haven’t heard back in 6 weeks, just shoot me a reminder.

– Last, but not least, I don’t insist on pro-Americana, pro-military or jingoistic works. I’m very open minded. Some of my best friends are anti-war activists. Ha! If, in some extreme scenario (hasn’t happened yet), that I am ideologically opposed to what you’re writing, I won’t waste yours or my time by reading it.


Thanks and looking forward to your tales!


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