Veteran’s Day 2014 Challenge: Supported Charities and Sponsors


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Disclaimer: None of these charities have endorsed this project nor any participating author or sponsor. The event organizers do NOT collect, process or in any form touch money. All pledges are on the “honor system.”

List of all participating books

Update 15 November 2014: Thanks to everyone’s incredible support, we’ve confirmed a total of $2,700.34 donated, with 90% of pledges accounted for so far.

Public bonus pledges: $50 to the Stop Soldier’s Suicide $100 to the best performing charity

Richard Peters: $100 to the best performing charity

Wayne Stinnett: $100 to the best performing charity

Wayne Zurl: $100 to the Army Emergency Relief Fund

Casper Parks $100 to the Fisher House Foundation

E. Michael Helms $50 to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Jack July $50 to Pets for Vets

Jennifer Ott $50 to the Vietnam Veterans of America $100 to the Casisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs

US Military Videos & Photos free advertising space for all charities

Grunt Style Clothing free advertising space for all charities

Mysti Stitt $25 to Operation Home Front

Joshua Mayer $50 to Stop Soldier’s Suicide 

Mark Danvers $50 to Fisher House Foundation

Nichole Orion  $50 to the best performing charity


If you’d like to make your pledge public, please state which organization and amount to support here:



Operation Home Front

Amount Raised: $175.00

Mission Statement: A national nonprofit, Operation Homefront leads more than 2,500 volunteers with nationwide presence who provide emergency and other financial assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors. Operation Homefront has provided assistance to thousands of military families since its inception in 2002. Recognized for superior performance by leading independent charity watchdog groups, nationally, 93 percent of total donations to Operation Homefront go directly to programs that provide support to our military families.

Homes for Warriors in Brevard County, FL

Amount Raised: $58.47

Mission Statement: The Space Coast Paratroopers Association is a group of former paratroopers whose primary function is assist our fellow paratroopers as well as other veteran’s in their time of need. We are dedicated in ensuring that our brothers and sisters are assisted thru their tough financial periods in their lives as well in assisting their dependents as well, with a special emphasis placed on Gold Star Dependents! Our number one priority is the paratrooper but our fellow veterans are second to none!

Wounded Warrior Project

Amount Raised: $917.46

Mission Statement: To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.

Army Emergency Relief Fund

Amount Raised: $100

Mission Statement: 

ER is the Army’s own emergency financial assistance organization and is dedicated to “Helping the Army Take Care of Its Own.” AER provides commanders a valuable asset in accomplishing their basic command responsibility for the morale and welfare of soldiers.

AER funds are made available to commanders having AER Sections to provide emergency financial assistance to soldiers – active & retired – and their dependents when there is a valid need.

Battle Buddy Foundation

Amount Raised: <$10

Mission Statement: Our mission is to ensure that Veterans and their families receive programs and services that will help them acclimate back to family and civilian life.  We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing highly trained psychiatric and mobility service dogs and therapy dogs to veterans of all eras suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and physical limitations at no cost
  • Connecting Veterans to employment opportunities within our network of Veteran-focused organizations
  • Building a community of peer support for Veterans and their families through programs, events, and social media
Fisher House Foundation

Amount Raised: $257.66

Mission Statement: Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

MARSOC Foundation

Amount Raised: <$10

Mission Statement: Helping those who have sacrificed the most …
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the MARSOC Foundation provides benevolent support to the U. S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). The Foundation supports active duty and medically retired MARSOC personnel and their families, as well as the families of Marines who have lost their lives in service to our Nation. MARSOC Foundation services are those unmet by the government or other organizations.

American Fallen Soldiers Project

Amount Raised: <$10

Mission Statement: The American Fallen Soldiers Project was formed to help provide comfort and healing to the grieving families of our fallen military. Our 501c3 non-profit organization makes available at no cost to the family an original portrait of their fallen loved one that fully captures their appearance and personality.

Air Warrior Courage Foundation

Amount Raised: $100

Mission Statement: The Air Warrior Courage Foundation was formed by military aviators to “care for our own.”  We work closely with the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association to do that. We focus on active duty, guard, reserve and retired military personnel and their families needing financial assistance for medical, educational, and other extraordinary expenses not covered by other military, veterans’, or charitable institutions.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Amount Raised: <$10

Mission Statement: The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is a leader in supporting the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families. Begun in 2000 and established as an independent not-for-profit organization in 2003, the Fund has provided close to $150 million in support for the families of military personnel lost in service to our nation, and for severely wounded military personnel and veterans. These efforts are funded entirely with donations from the public, and hundreds of thousands of individuals have contributed to the Fund.

On Purpose Journey CFC #97433

Amount Raised: $50

Mission Statement: Mission: Spreading awareness. Promoting UNITY in the CommUNITY through our CommUNITY Team. Partnering with those who serve to infuse passion, victory, and greatness into our neighborhoods.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Amount Raised: $50

Mission Statement: The Society provides financial assistance and education, as well as other programs and services, to members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, their eligible family members, widows, and survivors. The Society also receives and manages donated funds to administer these programs and services.

Stop Soldier Suicide

Amount Raised: $101.75

Mission Statement: We hope to realize a day when Soldiers and Veterans who are considering suicide can openly and without shame ask for and receive the help and support they need.

We are Veterans & Active Duty Service members helping other Veterans and Active Duty in their greatest hour of need.

That Others May Live Foundation

Amount Raised: $120

Mission Statement: That Others May Live Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization established in 2002. That Others May Live Foundation provides critical support, scholarships, and immediate tragedy assistance for the families of United States Air Force Rescue Heroes who are killed or severely wounded in operational or training missions.

Vietnam Veterans of America – Chapter 154

Amount Raised: $100

Mission Statement: Supporting veterans with a variety of services in the Roseville, MI area.

 Veterans in the Arts

Amount Raised: <$10

Mission Statement: To facilitate the ability of veterans to express themselves in a variety of art forms through a progressive program of supportive instruction and collaboration.

Women’s Wisdom house

Amount Raised: <$10

Mission Statement: We are answering the need of a growing demographic in our society involving single homeless Veteran women. This group of women does not qualify for assistance through any existing shelter or transitional housing programs.

 Pets for Vets

Amount Raised: $50

Mission Statement: The Pets for Vets team interviews each veteran to ascertain what he or she is looking for in a companion animal; we pair this with his or her personality and lifestyle to make the perfect veteran-pet match. Once the perfect pet is selected for the veteran, the pet spends time in the home of one of our trainers who teaches the pet basic obedience and other valuable behaviors needed to live with his/her new owner. This can include becoming comfortable with wheel chairs or behaviors needed to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Amount Raised: $25

Mission Statement: Founded in 2004 by an Iraq veteran, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is the first and largest organization for new veterans and their families, with nearly 300,000 members and supporters nationwide. IAVA is a 21st century veterans’ organization dedicated to standing with the 2.8 millionveterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from their first day home through the rest of their lives.

National LGBT Veterans Memorial 

Amount Raised: $150

Mission Statement: Our mission is to raise funds and construct an LGBT Veterans Memorial in our nations capital. The funds raised in support of this project will be used to build a memorial at Historic Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC. This memorial will be a visible and lasting testament to the contribution gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender service members have made to the security of the United States.



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