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Misaligned by Rodney Carlson

Misaligned by Rodney Carlson


Genre: Mystery Thriller/Sci-Fi

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Pages: 136

Veteran Author: Yes, Navy


Kindle: YES Nook: NO Smashwords: NO Paperback: NO

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The son of a Colorado Farmer. At the age of twenty one I joined the Navy and became a Weapons Control and Information Systems Engineer onboard fast attack submarines. There I traveled all over the Pacific and Indian Ocean visiting many countries and gaining wonderful experiences. Not only did I get the chance to see different countries, but I did a lot of traveling around The U.S. It was my goal to visit every state, and in 2004 I visited my last state Florida. Since retiring from the Navy I have worked as a Computer Engineer for various companies in Virginia where I live with my best friend and wife of fourteen years. (Just so you know, best friend and wife are the same person! lol) I have always had a passion for the written word. I love to read most anything, but commonly gravitate toward science fiction and fantasy.”


“Aliens are among us. 
Illuminati are involved with their plan. 
There’s a government conspiracy to cover the truth. 
This has been hidden from the civilizations of earth. 
The truth is out. 
Over five thousand one hundred years ago the earth received creatures from another planet. Today we hardly know they still exist. They are not hiding from us, they are hiding from each other. Two alien races are struggling for dominance in a huge galactic war and earth is caught in the middle. A computer engineer discovers plans to use humanity in the battle. Can he stop it? How can one human possibly fight against an advanced civilization? With some reckless luck the planetary alignment on December 21, 2012 won’t mark the end of mankind.”

My Two Cents:

This is a massive story, and I don’t mean in word count. Mystery, apocalyptic thriller, classic Sci-Fi- they are all blended here. The author pulls this huge mix together pretty well, without being confusing and with a rapid fire pace. Although, some questions are left unanswered, especially at the end. I’m assuming because this is part of a series. Fair warning: the ending, while thrilling and surprising, is a cliff hanger.

I did enjoy how most of the story is from the aliens’ perspective. A unique twist on the end-of-the-world. There was an impressive attention to detail and realism with both the great big conspiracy and the aliens’ technology. The competing aliens were a nice twist.

My only real complaint is how human-like the aliens are. Their motivations, thought processes, organization- even rank structure. Still, that doesn’t significantly distract from the tale. It sure cuts down on excessively complicated world-building.

All in all, a lot of fun with some interesting variety on the old alien invasion plot.

As is standard practice in this industry, I received a free review copy.

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