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Wrath of the Fallen: An all active duty Army band


While this blog is mainly about helping veteran authors, I respect all the creative arts. If you get down with hard rock or metal, then I’d strongly recommend Wrath of the Fallen. It’s real death metal with some classic Rock (I’m feeling AC/DC) undertones. All members are active duty soldiers that tour whenever the Army and their ladies let them off the leash!


Born from the Brigades of Fort Riley, KS, and it’s combat arms Soldiers, Wrath of the Fallen rises with impact and passion to destroy the opposition by formulating a mission of annihilation and painting a lyrical picture of military devastation and thirst for blood.

In 2012, Robert Gaines arrived at Fort Riley in Kansas and was seeking members for a project that would bring together Military Musician’s exclusively. He posted a message on Craigslist and within days, Jason Pollard, who was also new to Fort Riley, answered this call to duty. Charged with riffs and partial songs he had written over the past years during a chaotic Combat deployment cycle, Jason and Robert began working together and finished their first two songs in just a few weeks. With the first two songs completed, Robert again went to Craigslist to find the voice for the project. With not have much success in the search, Robert decided to take care of the vocals himself on the demoed version of the songs.

The name for the band was created by Robert, while battling ideas for the band and its direction. After discovering that his original title had been taken, Robert settled on WRATH OF THE FALLEN and presented the idea to Jason for his thoughts. With the title of the band locked in and the logo created later that week. Robert again went to the internet to find other members for the project, to make it an official band.

In December of 2012, Michael Uhlig answered the ad posted on the internet while still deployed to Afghanistan. Mike’s inquires and transmissions with Robert lead him to look up his profile on Facebook and discovered that he was the perfect fit for the Lead Guitar spot. Robert also discovered Geo through transmission with a mutual friend and after a quick audition found Geo to be the perfect candidate to be the voice of WRATH OF THE FALLEN. With everything except a bass player to bring the mix together, Robert sent forth friends in the local area to aid in the search. Thanks to Daniel Snuffer from “Snuff’s Heavy Metal Meltdown”, In April of 2013 Zach Thompson auditioned and secured his place amongst the other members. And finally, the final formulation and formation of WRATH OF THE FALLEN was cemented into existence.

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January 6, 2014 · 9:18 pm

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December 29, 2013 · 10:15 am

Once upon a time in Iraq

Film of 2nd Bde, 1 AD in general and 2/6 Infantry in particular during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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December 17, 2013 · 1:38 pm